Review: The Player Next Door

The Player Next Door by K.A. Tucker
Published On: June 16, 2020

I discovered K.A. Tucker through Bookstagram when everyone was raving about The Simple Wild and Wild at Heart. Having loved both of those books and hoping for a never ending series of stories about Calla and Jonah, I’m eager to read more of Tucker’s books and couldn’t pass up the great Kindle price on The Player Next Door on Amazon.

Scarlet Reed left Polson Falls after graduation to escape her mother’s reputation and to deal with her heartbreak over Shane Beckett, who dumped her right before the start of senior year. Now, 12 years later, she returns to her hometown after buying her dream home and landing a teaching job at her old elementary school. Everything seems to be looking up for Scarlet until she discovers that her next door neighbor is Shane. Shane is eager to use this opportunity as a fresh start but Scarlet wants nothing to do with him. When a series of events keep throwing them together, she starts to realize that maybe being mad at someone for 12 years is long enough and that maybe during their years apart, Shane really has changed.

My Thoughts:
Shane may have been a jerk in high school and his reason for breaking up with Scarlet wasn’t that great, but a few times in the book I found myself wishing Scarlet would stop being so bratty about things and actual listen to Shane. That was probably my biggest gripe with the book. But aside from that, I did enjoy Scarlet and Shane attempting a second chance. Shane definitely did seem a little too good to be true at times, and his son Cody was adorable. I also loved the friendships that Scarlet had with Justine and Becca in the book. I love second change romances, and this one hit most of the marks for me. I do wish there was more of an epilogue in the book, I would’ve liked to have gone further into the future, but maybe that means Tucker isn’t done with Scarlet and Shane’s story yet.

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