ARC Review: The Heir Affair

The Heir Affair by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing • Publication Date: July 7, 2020

I never really followed along with William and Kate’s romance and wedding, but for some reason, when Harry and Meghan announced their engagement, I quickly became a fan and work up early to watch their wedding. The Royal We, which came out in 2015, has many similarities to William and Kate’s story, and if you read it now, you can even find some ties to Harry and Meghan’s story. I read The Royal We a few years ago and loved it and could not wait to read The Heir Affair to continue Bex and Nick’s story. Thanks to Grand Central Publishing, I received an advance copy of The Heir Affair, which comes out on July 7, and it was the perfect follow up to The Royal We!

Facing the fallout after a scandalous secret is made public during their wedding, Bex and Nick escape London and are living in a self-imposed exile. When a crisis forces them back to London, it is time for the Duke and Duchess to step back into the spotlight and face all of the drama they let the rest of the royal family clean up when they left. Not only do they need to prove themselves to the public, they must also make amends with Queen Eleanor and Nick’s father Richard, as well as try to find a way to for Bex, Nick, and Freddie to all be in the same room together.

My Thoughts:
I liked how much deeper this book went in the emotional struggles of both Bex and Nick as they adjust to life with their royal duties and in their relationship. There are so many negative stories out there about Meghan ruining the royal family and her and Harry’s relationship, and I feel like even though Bex and Nick were initially based on Kate and William, this story read more like it was based on Meghan. As much as I loved The Royal We, many parts of the book are too perfect and I felt like The Heir Affair was so much more realistic. Bex and Nick struggle, they fight, and question many things about the life they are living and if it is what they truly want, which is something people are faced with every day.

I enjoyed all of the secondary characters in the book, all of whom are originally introduced in The Royal We and how they help in moving the story along. I enjoyed Eleanor a lot in this book, it was nice to see her relationship with Bex evolve throughout each chapter. Freddie, this book makes you want to just give him a hug as him and Nick struggle with a way to rebuild their relationship after everything they’ve been through and as he makes sacrifices in his life to find his own path to happiness.

I hope Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan continue the series, I do feel that things were wrapped up, but would gladly read more. I’m holding out hope for a book from them that is told from Freddie’s perspective, whether it is in the past as the events of The Royal We and The Heir Affair unfold, or in the future.

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