An Ode to The Baby-Sitters Club

Courtesy Entertainment Weekly

I’m always skeptical of books I enjoy becoming movies or TV shows, so when I heard about my favorite series as a child, The Baby-Sitters Club, being turned into a Netflix series, I was excited to watch but also thought it could ruin some of my childhood memories. I’ve just finished the series, and as I wiped away the tears after almost every episode, I can say I am so happy with the way the series was made and am hopefully there will be a season two!

When I think of when my love for reading started, my earliest memories are reading The Baby-Sitter Club books when I was seven. Each week in elementary school when we had our library special, when it was time to pick out a book to take out, I made a beeline for where the chapter books were stored and would take out the next in the series. I don’t remember how many books in the series I read or when I stopped reading them in favor of other books, but when I think about my some of my favorite things from childhood, The Baby-Sitter Club books are definitely at the top of the list.

I read many other series as a child, American Girl, Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew and The Boxcar Children, but like a friend that is always there for you through thick and thin, I kept going back to read about the adventures of Kristy, Claudia, Stacey, Mary Anne, Dawn, Mallory, and Jessi. I wish I still had copies of my books, but I know the books are still around, and even though she is only one, I’m looking forward to introducing the series to my niece when she is old enough to read them. As of now she loves books, so I’ll definitely be the aunt spoiling her with lots of books throughout the years!

With Netflix releasing a series on Firefly Lane, one of my favorite Kristin Hannah books soon, and my all-time favorite book Summer Sisters by Judy Blume becoming a series at Hulu in the future, I can only hope I will love these shows as much as I loved The Baby-Sitters Club.

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