Review: After I Do

After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Publisher: Washington Square Press • Published On: July 1, 2014

Maybe in Another Life was the first book I read by Taylor Jenkins Reid and it is one of my favorite books. After that I read Daisy Jones and the Six and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, which I also enjoyed, so I wanted to read Reid’s earlier books. When my library reopened for curbside pick up, I was eager to get my hands on After I Do because my library doesn’t have Reid’s older books as Kindle versions. I have mixed emotions on this book, while there were parts I did like, I also found it to be kind of depressing.

Yes, it is a book about a marriage that comes to a breaking point where Lauren and Ryan have to take a year long break to see if they could salvage it, so I knew I wasn’t going to be getting some incredibly uplifting story. I feel like what both characters set out to do, learn about themselves and what they really want out of life to heal their marriage, neither character really did in their months apart. There was a point where it looked like Lauren was really learning about herself, what she wanted and that she could stand on her own if she needed to, and then in one second it was all gone. I wish the storyline would’ve delved a little more into her exploring life on her own when she made this realization before rushing to return Ryan to her life.

I also feel like the book could’ve benefited a lot more if the story was told from both Lauren and Ryan’s perspective. The parts I liked the best were the email drafts of Ryan’s feelings on everything, I felt that is where you saw some real growth and discovery. After I Do has some great five star reviews on Goodreads, so I think I just expected to feel all the feels with this story and sadly I did not.

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