Review: You Had Me at Hola

You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Daria
Publisher: Avon Books • Publication Date: August 4, 2020

You Had Me at Hola is one of my favorite romance reads of 2020! After seeing such stellar reviews, I had to read it and I loved it. It was such an enjoyable read for my first book by Daria.

The story follows Jasmine, a soap opera star and Ashton, a telenovela star, who are playing an ex-wife and husband in a new streaming show, Carmen in Charge. Jasmine’s goal is to become a Latin leading lady, while Ashton wants to revive his career. Jasmine’s life is being splashed across tabloids thanks to a public breakup, while Ashton lives a very private life to protect his family. After a bumpy first meeting, Jasmine and Ashton start to rehearse in private to ensure that they have on-screen chemistry. As they spend more time together, they start falling for each other which is the last thing either of them ever planned to do.

Jasmine and Ashton are such great characters on their own and as a couple. Jasmine’s honesty was refreshing and I found her to be such a relatable character. I love when books give you both characters perspective throughout, I feel it gives the story so much more depth. It’s a fun read with some chapters playing out as the script pages they were filming and how they related to the story. All the secondary characters from Jasmine and Ashton’s families to the cast and crew of the show were wonderful as well, I’d gladly read books that focus on Jasmine’s cousins Ava and Michelle if this becomes a series.

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