Review: Open Book

Open Book by Jessica Simpson
Publisher: Dey Street Books • Publication Date: February 4, 2020

For the longest time, I had been trying to get into audiobooks and could not make it past a chapter. I’ve heard that the best way to get into audiobooks is through nonfiction books and since I wanted to read Open Book, I figured I would give the audio version a try.

I don’t consider myself a fan of Jessica’s, I’ve liked a few of her songs when she first started out, but I never followed her career. I truly enjoyed listening to her narrate her memoir and learning more about her life. I always thought of her as the ditzy person Newlyweds portrayed, but there is so much more to her and she is incredibly smart when it comes to business. Her honesty and willingness to be open with everything that has happened in her life from childhood to now made this a book I could not stop listening to. I have so much respect for her now and am rooting for her to accomplish everything she sets out to do.

I think I have a hard time with audiobooks because I like to go back and reread things throughout a book, especially when it’s a mystery and I’m trying to piece things together. I’m going to try a few more nonfiction to see if audiobooks work for me and if they do, maybe I’ll try venturing into fiction audiobooks again.

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