Upstate New York Book Trip

Last weekend, needing a little getaway that was still safe within New York’s state COVID-19 travel guidelines, my friend and I took a road trip to upstate New York, stopping in the towns of Montgomery, Wallkill and Gardiner. The real purpose of the trip was to go to a winery and apple picking, but since finding Little Free Libraries wherever I go is my new thing, I had to look up if we were going to come across any in our travels. In Wallkill, there were two that were less than a block apart from each other, so I had to stop and see if they had anything worthwhile.

This one was not only one of the most original ones I have seen so far in my travels, but I also found up a brand new copy of Emma Straub’s All Adults Here which I’m hoping to start reading next week.

The next one was in front of a school so the books were mostly geared towards children, but I love the barn look!

We stayed overnight in Montgomery and by the time we got into town, the local book store, Montgomery Book Exchang,e was closed. The next morning when stopping into Iron Café for breakfast, which is next door to the book store, we ate outside and I was ecstatic to find that they had used books outside on their back porch and a locked box to insert your payment into. I found a copy of Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians which I’ve been trying to read for years. Maybe now that I own it I’ll actually read it so I can finally see the movie!

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