Let’s talk about not finishing a book. Are you team DNF? Or team stick it out no matter what?

I used to stick it out with books no matter what. I felt bad abandoning a book because what if the next chapter was the one that changed everything for me? What if the book I stopped reading had the potential to become one of my favorites?

Now, I do stop reading, though there are definitely some books I’ve pushed through when I should have added them to the DNF list, like the one pictured above. A friend of mine convinced me to start giving up on books if I wasn’t connecting with them. Her thought is if she gets a quarter way through and sees that she isn’t enjoying it she stops because as she says there are so many other great books out there waiting to be read.

I’ve started to adopt her thinking and slowly I’m learning to say goodbye to a book if I’m not enjoying it. I did it the other day with His & Hers, a book I couldn’t wait to read but 100 pages in, I could not get into the book. I’ve done it with authors that I love, Peter Swanson’s Eight Perfect Murders was one I was not enjoying, and also with ARCs and I’ll state in my review that I could not finish the book.

I may have an inner battle with myself before I DNF, but I remind myself that books are meant to be enjoyed and why waste time reading something I’m not enjoying.

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