Review: Crazy Stupid Bromance

Crazy Stupid Bromance  by Lyssa Kay Adams
Publisher: Berkley • Publication Date: October 27, 2020

As of now, Crazy Stupid Bromance is my favorite book in the series. I loved Alexis and Noah’s story and I need some check ins from them when Isn’t It Bromantic comes out next year.

Alexis and Noah are best friends who secretly like each other but are afraid to admit their feelings to each other for fear of ruining their friendship. Along with trying to navigate their feelings for each other, they are also both dealing with family issues. And like the other books, the Bromance Book Club, as well as Liv, are there to help Alexis and Noah out.

This story felt the most authentic to me out of the 3 books. While I loved the romance between Alexis and Noah, I really loved how much each character grew throughout the book as they dealt with their own internal and external issues.

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