Review: The Boys’ Club

The Boys’ Club  by Erica Katz
Publisher: Harper • Publication Date: August 4, 2020

I love reading books about lawyers, so The Boys’ Club was a highly anticipated read for me. I really enjoyed the book, even if Alex, the main character is someone you really can’t root for because of the decisions she makes.

After graduating Harvard Law School, Alex accepts a job at the firm Klasko & Fitch. While most of her fellow co-workers come from prestigious backgrounds, Alex has had to work for everything in her life and is used to being a fierce competitor, something she needs at her new job. As the power of winning over senior employees with her skills – at times ruthless and questionable – and the money go to her head, she starts to severely damage the life and relationships she had prior to starting her job.

I would like to think that a lot of the behind the scene things that went on at the law firm are all fictional, but I truly think at some the deceit, drug use and sexual activity are things that may happen. Katz, who is a lawyer, I heard based this on past experiences which is why she wrote the book under a pseudonym.

The book hooked me from the start and as Alex’s lies were spinning more out of control, I couldn’t put the book down. I cringed every time she texted her boyfriend Sam with another lie on why she couldn’t be home and my heart broke for him on how she treated him. The one issue I had was parts of the ending, I thought it was wrapped up a little too perfectly for the heavy themes the book addressed.

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