Christmas Book Reviews

Since I do not celebrate Christmas, prior to this year I think I’ve read maybe 3 Christmas books in total and so far this year I’ve read 9. With the crazy year we’ve had I needed an escape and when a book sounds like a Hallmark Christmas movie, I’ll give it a try. Here are some mini reviews on my most recent holiday reads.

The 12 Dates of Christmas by Jennifer Bayliss
This was cute book, but I found it to be a little boring at times. After a while the way Kate felt about all of her dates started to feel repetitive and the chapters felt like if they had some pages cut out the story to me would have flowed better. I actually see this book working out better as a movie.

One Way or Another by Kara McDowell
I branched out this year and read some YA books and while I did like this book, at times I had to remind myself I was reading YA because it definitely felt childish to me. I liked that the chapters alternated between the two holiday options Paige, but I wish Paige had more growth in the book that it was hinting towards.

Faking Under the Mistletoe by Ashley Sheperd
This book has a high Goodreads rating so I was hoping I would love it and I found it to be just okay. It was cute and it had its moments that I enjoyed, but I found Olivia really unlikeable and it’s a book where you are supposed to be rooting for her.

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