2021 Reading Goals

2020 may not have been the year we imagined it was going to be, but for me it was the year of reading. While I don’t know what the future holds and if I’ll ever be able to read more than 100 books in one year again, my reading habits definitely changed in 2020. Part of that had to do with joining bookstagram, but it also had to do with me really discovering just how much I truly enjoy reading. I’ve always known I loved books, I was the elementary school student who looked forward to our special of library each week, but when I needed something to escape and comfort me at the same time this past year, books are what I turned to.

I looked at the kinds of books I read in 2020 and what I wanted to change, so here are some of my goals when it comes to books for 2021.

Read my shelves
Prior to the pandemic, I owned 15 physical books. I love my Kindle so most of the books I had purchased in the past were Kindle copies because they take up a lot less space in my apartment. Then the pandemic happened and the library was closed and they don’t have every book available as a Kindle version to borrow. And stores closed, so online shopping became way too easy. Slowly, I started building a physical library thanks to my purchases, random acts of kindness gifts and publisher gifted copies. I had to purchase a book case since my book cart ran out of space and I have about 30 unread physical books to read and about 15 Kindle versions. I definitely want to prioritize reading books I own this year. Am I still going to purchase books and borrow from the library? Of course, but I wanted the books I own for a reason so I need to read them before getting the latest releases.

Be more conscious
I get a little click happy when requesting arcs on NetGalley or purchasing a book, so I really want to think about what I want to read and not just give in to the hype. 

I started to diversify my reading last year and I want to continue it with exploring more diverse authors and books with diverse characters.

When going through the books I’ve read in the past, the majority of them take place in either the United States or England, so I definitely need to expand in that area as well. I’m challenging myself to read at least one book a month that takes place in another country or explores a different culture. I’m starting 2021 off by reading The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi, a book I’ve wanted to read for months and to also really commit to my own challenge.

Read beyond genre
My go to genres are romance and psychological thrillers and I want to expand beyond my comfort zone. I tend to be hit or miss with historical fiction books, but I’d like to read more in that genre. I also tend to dismiss books based on genres I don’t think I’ll click with and I’d like to stop that thinking and embrace a book if it sounds interesting to me despite what genre it falls under.

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