From Books to the Small Screen

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I’m always leery when a book I enjoy is adapted for a movie or TV show because you know they can’t include everything in it and sometimes things don’t always translate to the screen correctly. In my opinion, Gone Girl is one of the best book to screen adaptions, everything that made me enjoy the book translated so well for the movie.

With a lot more time available to binge watch shows last year, I watched a bunch of shows that were originally books. Some I had read the books they were based on, some I had not. I am looking forward to the Netflix release of one of my favorite books, Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah in February 2021 and am eagerly awaiting more news on the film or television adaption of my favorite 2020 book, The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose.

Little Fires Everywhere (on Hulu)
I read the book in 2017 and really did not enjoy it, but I loved the show. I found the book to be slow at times, but when the storyline was transferred to a mini-series format, for me it worked much better.

Virgin River (on Netflix)
After watching the first season on the show, I couldn’t wait to read the first book in the series and I was so disappointed. There are similarities between the show and book, but I enjoy the show so much more. I do plan on checking out the latest book Return to Virgin River to catch up with Jack and Mel while I eagerly await the third season.

The Flight Attendant (on HBO Max)
I tried reading the book last year and actually ended up adding it to my DNF list, but I highly recommend the show. Kaley Cuoco is perfect in it and I was never a fan of Zosia Mamet on Girls, but I love her on the show. I did read what happens at the end of the book to compare the differences between the show and book and I much prefer the ending of the first season.

Big Little Lies (on HBO Max)
I’m hit or miss on Liane Moriarty’s books, but I really liked Big Little Lies when I read it a few years ago and the first season of the show I loved. The second season was okay, I don’t think it was really needed, but I won’t ever say no to Adam Scott on my TV. Plus this series has the best music in it.

Bridgerton (on Netflix)
I watched the first episode of this series thinking I wasn’t going to be into it, and five episodes later I had to stop so I could sleep. I’ve never had any desire to read regency era romance novels, but I may have to try one after this series. From the romance, the secrets, and the costumes, this show has been the perfect escape.

The Undoing (on HBO Max)
My friend could not stop raving about this show and since I love Hugh Grant, I had to give it a try. Based on Jean Hanff Korelitz’s book, You Should Have Known, I could not get enough of the six episode series. I haven’t read the book, but I heard many changes were made in the show, but whatever they were, this show was great and I honestly don’t want a second season because I feel like things were wrapped up pretty well.

Sweet Magnolias (on Netflix)
Like Virgin River, this is based on a series of books, but I have no desire to read them because I really enjoy the show and I don’t think the books are going to offer any more insight. This is a great feel good show, it feels like I’m watching my favorite Hallmark Channel movies, and I’m glad it was renewed for a second season.

Dash & Lilly (on Netflix)
I live less than an hour away from Manhattan and have not been to the city since November 2019 and this show makes me miss it so much. It is also super cute as it follows two book lovers who leave notes to each other in a notebook and get to know each other. So many scenes take place in the book store The Strand, which is one of the first places I cannot wait to go to when this pandemic is over!

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