2021 Reading Challenge

When taking stock on some goals I had for my reading in 2021, I also wanted to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone with the books I read. Diversity is one of my goals for 2021, but I didn’t want to include it on this challenge really because it is something I should be doing every month of every year, not just as a box to check off on a challenge.

If you are on The StoryGraph, a new book tracking website that offers more options than Goodreads, you can join my challenge here.

I’m looking forward to revisiting this challenge throughout the year and in December 2021 to see how I did.

  1. One book each month set in another country
  2. A debut book
  3. A book by a local author
  4. A book translated from another language
  5. A classic book you have not yet read
  6. A book you’ve been meaning to read
  7. A book by an author you have never read before
  8. A book published before you were born
  9. A book with a one word title
  10. A book with a number in the title

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