Review: Send For Me

Send For Me by Lauren Fox
Publisher: Knopf • Publication Date: February 2, 2021

Send For Me is a powerful novel that weaves together the lives of four generations of one Jewish family beginning in 1930’s Germany and journeying across the Atlantic Ocean to Milwaukee. I highly recommend reading the author’s note at the back of the book first before diving in to the story to understand how Fox based the book off of her own family’s history with leaving Germany in the late 1930’s and the personal letters she found and had translated. The letters are heartbreaking as they give you a glimpse into what is happening in Europe and how much fear Jews lived in every day. It is a beautifully written book that will make you think about family and what sacrifices we would be willing to make.

One of the reasons why I couldn’t wait to read this book was because I felt I could see some of my family’s history in the book. My grandfather and his brother were able to escape Austria before the Nazis came and made it safely to America. Their parents were not able to make it over in time and were forced to work for the Nazis. My grandfather died before I was born so I’ve never been able to hear from him what it was like to have to make the decision to give up everything you’ve ever known and start over in a new country and in a way, this book gave me insight into it.

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