Review: Trading Secrets

Trading Secrets by Rachael Eckles
Publisher: Aphrodite Books • Publication Date: May 2, 2020

Thank you to Book Publicity Services for a digital copy of Trading Secrets, a book that was not on my radar, but I really enjoyed it. If you are looking for a book that is fast paced and will take you on a wild ride, I highly recommend it. 

One thing I really appreciated from Book Publicity Services was that they were up front with me about the content warnings in the book. I knew what I was getting in to with a graphic rape scene and a character who is sexually assaulted and it helped me mentally prepare myself for those scenes. 

When you are first introduced to Celeste, I wanted to dislike her, but after what she goes through at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Omar, my feelings quickly changed. With the exception of Omar, I enjoyed the cast of characters you meet along the way from Celeste’s friends to those that work for her and how they all had her back no matter what.

The suspense in this book was great. All along the way I kept questioning who you could trust and who from Celeste’s world may be working with Omar. In the After section, there was not a lull in the action and I couldn’t put the book down because I needed to know what was going to happen. With the book ending on a cliffhanger, I hope we get to read another book featuring these characters because I need answers!

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