Review: Last Tang Standing

Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho
Publisher: Putnam • Publication Date: June 9, 2020

When a book is compared to Bridget Jones’s Diary, one of my favorite books and movies, I have to read it! While I did like the book and found myself laughing throughout it, I also felt that it was too long and would’ve flowed better if it was shorter.

The book does feature my favorite trope, enemies to lovers and I really enjoyed all of Andrea and Suresh’s back and forth. While I do enjoy a slow burn romance, I wanted more from them. And yes, both characters were in other relationships, but as nice as Eric was, his character was boring and I would’ve preferred a chapter or two less that focused on him and more on Andrea’s possible budding relationship with Suresh.

One of my favorite parts of the book was learning about Singapore and getting a glimpse into life there. It is on my travel bucket list, so I enjoyed getting to visit through the book. Even though this would be classified as a rom com, I really enjoyed the friendships Andrea had with Linda and Val and found the parts that included them to be my favorites in the book.

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