Review: The Guncle

The Guncle by Steven Rowley

How do you feel about hyped books? I’m usually very hesitant because a lot of the hyped books I haven’t liked, but the hyped is warranted for The Guncle. This was such a feel good story and I don’t think you can finish this book without a smile on your face. It is also a book that will have you running through a gamut of emotions as you spend time with the characters.

I adored Patrick, or as the kids fondly referred to him, GUP. His sense of humor and sarcasm had me laughing, but the way he cared for everything made me love him. I would definitely rank him as one of my favorite book characters. Maisie and Grant, his niece and nephew are also wonderful and I like how Rowley wrote their characters with letting them deal with the grief, but also still be kids.

The Guncle deals with a number of heavy topics, cancer, death, grief, and drug addiction, but these don’t weigh the book down. Instead, it is a story of hope and how when faced with some of the toughest things in life, the comfort and love of those around you can pull you through.

“Boys can do girl things and girls can do boy things. That’s not even a Guncle Rule, there shouldn’t even be boy things and girl things to begin with. People should just do what they want.” I highlighted so many lines in this book and this one was my absolute favorite.

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