Review: My Oxford Year

My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan

Is there a book that has been on your TBR for a while that you know you should read but you just haven’t picked up? That was My Oxford Year for me, and after reading it I wonder why I’ve waited so long. I truly loved this, even though there were a number of times this book shattered me into a million pieces.

I recently have understood the hype over Julia Whelan’s audiobook narration and thought it was time to finally start My Oxford Year. And I heard the hype over this book, but I usually go against bookstagram favorite books, but this one deserves all of the love it gets and if you haven’t picked it up yet, I highly recommend moving it to the top of your TBR. If you like books that move you like Love and Other Words and The Light We Lost, this book is for you.

Whelan is a phenomenal writer, the descriptions and setting of the scenes she did made me feel like I was in Oxford alongside the characters. I loved Ella, she was fierce and determined in everything she did and as her time at Oxford unfolded, I enjoyed watching her transform into the person her time abroad allowed her to be. The romance between her and Jamie while it definitely was heartbreaking, it was also sweet and so powerful what they meant to each other, even if they weren’t ready to admit it yet.

This is definitely a book I will pick up and reread, because its days later and I’m not ready to let these characters go. It is also a book I will be listening to on audio since I’ll now listen to anything Whelan narrates.

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