ARC Review: We Are the Brennans

We Are the Brennans by Tracey Lange

This was one of my most anticipated 2021 releases and I was so thankful to receive a gifted copy from Celadon Books. I really enjoyed this family drama and I easily could have read another 20 chapters devoted to the Brennan family.

All members of the Brennan family are flawed and I liked that Lange did not sugarcoat anything they were going through. The characters feel so honest and raw that I felt like I was reading about real people. Throughout the book, secrets are revealed by many of the family members, some that could have changed other characters destiny’s and despite these revelations I liked how they all came together to support one another. Each chapter is told from a different character’s perspective and the story moves seamlessly.

I did not realize prior to reading this that it is Lange’s debut book, and I’m looking forward to reading what she writes in the future. I can easily say, this is one of my favorite books of the year and one of the best family dramas I’ve read. We Are the Brennnans will be out on August 3.

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