Review: The Layover

The Layover by Lacie Waldon

When a book has a cover that is not only gorgeous, but is compared to one of my favorite books, The Unhoneymooners, I have to give it a try and I really enjoyed The Layover. I always love a good enemies to lovers book, and this book did not disappoint in featuring my favorite trope. Ava and Jack’s banter was perfect and their chemistry was just as good. Since Lacie is a flight attendant, I liked the behind the scenes peak she gave readers of what the job is really like. The Belize setting and how descriptive things were, made me feel like I was on vacation with Ava, Jack, and their co-workers Gwen and Paul.

Ava’s growth throughout the book was great. She started off the book thinking she wanted one thing, a life solidly on the ground engaged to someone who could provide that to her. But as that life started to become more of a reality for her, she realized that not having the structure she thought she always wanted was really what makes her happy. I also loved the side characters of Gwen and Paul in the book and would definitely read a spin-off book based on them!

The Layover was the perfect summer read and an excellent debut by Lacie Waldon.

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