ARC Review: Wait for It

Wait for It by Jenn McKinlay

Happy publication day to Wait for It, which was my favorite read in July and will definitely be one of my favorite romance reads of 2021! This book had everything I could want in a contemporary romance, it made me laugh, it had characters I could root for, and it made me cry on multiple occasions. I didn’t realize there was a slight connection between this book and Paris is Always a Good Idea, so that will be getting bumped up on my TBR.

McKinlay wrote a story with so much heart to it that left me with a huge book hangover because I was just not ready to part with these characters. Wait for It deals with some heavy issues, stroke, trauma, anxiety, and misogyny in the workplace, and in my opinion, McKinlay handled them flawless. The characters felt raw, honest, and real as they dealt with the things life had thrown their way.

Annabelle and Nick have become one of my favorite book pairings, but they are also stellar characters on their own. As Annabelle in a way starts her life over in a new city and with a new job, I liked seeing her having to confront her past in order to grown into the person she needed to become. For Nick, life threw him many curveballs, and he had all right to want to shut himself off from the world because of what he has been through, but even if it did take time, some of my favorite parts of the book were watching him realize just how much he wanted to in a sense live again. I loved what they each brought out in each other, Annabelle gave Nick hope even if he didn’t want to admit it, and Nick was able to see through Annabelle even when she tried to hide from him, pushing her to where she needed to be.

Thank you to Berkley for an advance digital copy in exchange for an honest review.

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