Review: Today Tonight Tomorrow

Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon

I loved The Ex Talk and We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This, so I’m slowly making my way through Rachel Lynn Solomon’s other books, and I loved Today Tonight Tomorrow. Thanks to Rowan and Neil’s little cameo in We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This, I couldn’t wait to read the book devoted to them and I just adored them both.

Featuring my favorite trope, enemies to lovers, I loved following along with Rowan and Neil as they navigated how to handle their life changing on the last day of high school, what their future after graduation would look like, and their feelings for each other. While their banter was great, some of my favorite scenes were when they let their guard down around each other and were completely honest about how they felt about things.

One of my favorite things about Rachel’s books is the Jewish representation, and that it is so much more than just a passing mention about the characters religion. I wish I had books that had this representation when I was growing up. A line that truly struck me in the book because I’ve unfortunately found myself in these situation too many times was, “when you’re Jewish, you learn from a young age that you can either go along with the jokes or fight back and risk much worse, because you don’t have the words yet to tell anyone why those jokes aren’t funny.” I truly feel seen as a Jew when I read Rachel’s books.

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