Review: Isn’t it Bromantic

Isn’t it Bromantic by Lyssa Kay Adams

As a hockey fan, I had such high expectations for this book, and I’m happy to say this book lived up to all of them for me. I was also hoping this would be my favorite in the series, and I’m happy to say that it is.

The Russian always provided the best one-liners in the other books and I’m so glad Lyssa Kay Adams listened to the fans and gave us Vlad’s book. He was so easy to love in this book and I liked seeing a more vulnerable side of him than we’ve seen in the other 3 books. Marriage of convenience is one of my least favorite tropes, but Adams made me a fan of it in this book. Plus Vlad and Elena are childhood best friends, so it also features the friends to lovers trope, a trope I do enjoy.

I was ready to not be an Elena fan in the beginning, but her backstory made me cry and once you know how she felt about Vlad, I was rooting for both her and them to make it work. While I do enjoy reading about people falling in love, my favorite thing about this series is the friendships and they shine so much in this book. I’m so excited this series is continuing and we will be getting Colton’s book in 20221

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