Series Spotlight: The Simple Wild series

What’s a bookstagram made you read it book? For me it was The Simple Wild. I had seen the book on Libby prior to joining bookstagram, but I always scrolled past it. Then I started my account and saw everyone raving about it and decided to give it a read, and I was purchasing Wild at Heart before I was even halfway through the book! If you haven’t read this series yet and enjoy a great enemies to lovers story, I highly recommend it.

I had no interest in going to Alaska prior to reading these books, the cold weather and snow we get in New York was good enough for me, but now Alaska is at the top of my travel list. ka had me not only fall love with Calla and Jonah’s story, but the descriptions she wrote of Alaska. Calla and Jonah are one of my favorite book pairings and I love how realistic they feel with the things they go through.

This series has become my comfort series, I’ll randomly pick up one of the books and read some of my favorite parts when I need a pick me up. And while Marie wasn’t my favorite character, I can’t wait for Running Wild and to get her perspective in January. And hopefully we’ll get some glimpses of Calla, Jonah, and all the other characters we’ve gotten to know.

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