ARC Review: Beautiful Little Fools

Beautiful Little Fools by Jillian Cantor

I love reading books that take place in the 1920s and I think that comes from me loving The Great Gatsby when we read it in high school. When I heard that Jillian Cantor was writing a book from the perspective of the women from the classic book, I couldn’t hit request fast enough on NetGalley.

Beautiful Little Fools follows Daisy Buchanan, her best friend Jordan Baker, and Catherine McCoy the sister of Myrtle Wilson and their lives leading up to the day that Jay Gatsby was shot. The chapters alternate between each of them, and appearances are made from characters you know from The Great Gatsby including Tom Buchanan, Nick Carraway, and George Wilson.

I loved traveling back in time as Daisy and Gatsby initially meet and how Daisy’s life is imagined in between the time her and Gatsby are reunited in Long Island’s West Egg. Jordan’s arc to me felt the strongest as she struggles with her identity. The liberty Cantor took in adding in new information was refreshing as she brought a classic story into modern times.

Thank you to Harper Perennial and NetGalley for an advance digital copy in exchange for an honest review.

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