Review: A Cross-Country Christmas

A Cross-Country Christmas by Courtney Walsh

Looking for the perfect holiday read that will make you feel all of the emotions? Add A Cross-Country Christmas to your list. As of now, it is my favorite Christmas book that I have read so far this year and it will be very hard to top! It was the perfect book to get me into the holiday spirit since it was sweet, funny, and of course had me crying in a few places! I loved the banter between Lauren and Will as they spent time together on a road trip back to Illinois and dealt with their pasts. I could sympathize with Lauren so much as someone who needs to have everything planned and can’t just fly by the seat of their pants as Will wanted her to do. The ending for me was perfect!

This book felt like a Hallmark movie, but I love that it also had so much more depth to it than just a will they or won’t they romance. I’ll definitely be reading more of Courtney Walsh’s books and if you have Kindle Unlimited, I highly recommend grabbing this one as one of your holiday reads.

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