Review Requests

If you are an author, publisher, or publicist and are interested in having me review your book, I do accept review requests. For more information, see below.

  • I am selective in the books that I choose and I will let you know if I do not think the book will be a fit for me and why.
  • I primarily read contemporary fiction, psychological thrillers, romance, and women’s fiction. I do also read historical and literary fiction depending on the subject matter.
  • I do not read fantasy, science fiction, horror, supernatural, true crime, and Christian.
  • I am Jewish and would like to be an Own Voices reviewer when it comes to books that feature Jewish characters or are written by Jewish authors.
  • I accept digital copies that I can read on my Kindle or physical copies.
  • I will coordinate with you a timeline of when the review will be posted.
  • All opinions on the book will be my own honest thoughts and will not be skewed based on our interaction.
  • Reviews will be posted here on my blog and on Goodreads. Depending on my thoughts on the book, I will coordinate with you if you would like it to be posted on Instagram and Amazon.
  • The review will mention that I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.